The North East Community House (NECH) is located in the North East Adelaide Suburb of Hillcrest and was established in 1986. Beginning its life from a small shopfront on Flinders Road as the North East Neighbourhood House. When changes where undertaken by a re-development within the Hillcrest suburb the then South Australian Housing Trust provided the neighbourhood house with a semi-detached house in Sussex Street. When this house was demolished as part of an urban renewal project the Housing Trust then provided a double house on Oxford Street where we remained until 1997. At this time, we changed our name to North East Community House and moved into the Hillcrest Community Centre.

Over the past 30 years we have been part of and witnessed the many changes of our local community and have always remained true to our vision and values by offering a range of social, educational, recreational, and health & well-being programs and activities.

Previous programs included a community garden, ceramics class and youth and after school recreational activities. Today we offer an even larger array of programs including monthly bus trips, an annual free community event and social activities for people with disabilities.

The North East Community House is still a hub for the community. Managed by a Board of Management (BOM) and staffed by the Community Development Officer (CDO) and the Volunteer Manager (VM). The House continues to work to it’s strengths of openness, sustainability and flexibility, aiming to meet the expected needs of the community in the hopes of enriching and developing the lives of people within the community.